Happiness is just like a Sun, always hidden by clouds of thoughts , worries and desires . It cannot be travelled to owned , earned , worn or consumed . It is a spiritual experience of living with love , grace and gratitude. It’s not something that we have to search for , If you want to be happy you will. It’s not something ready made , it’s come from our actions . Actions may not always bring you happiness; but there is no happiness without them . It is in small things that is already a part of our life only we have to do is to recognize them. 

Be happy with what you have and be generous with it , It’s not how much we have ;but how much we enjoy that makes you happy. Be happy for the moment this is your life ! 

Happiness is like a kiss you must share it to enjoy it , haha. I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself , for I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is not determined by our circumstances but by our disposition. 

For me happiness is get selected in University Drama community and seeing my parents proud of me . 

77 responses to “Happiness ”

  1. Reading this post makes me happy. In fact, you make me feel very happy that there are individuals, such as you, as young as you are, who have such a wonderful disposition. 🙂
    I would love to know your name! I have searched your site, but without success.

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  2. thank you for visiting my blog today and welcome to the blogging world! Seeing your parents proud of you is one of the best things one can achieve, I´m sure this was a wonderful moment for you, one you´ll always remember. You can be proud of yourself, too! Wishing you lots of success with all you aspire to be and to become. Take care, Sabine.

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  3. this is wonderful Purva!! the pursuit of happiness, is meant to be pursued from ‘within’ in a sense of contentedness. no. Things…. don’t make us ‘happy’! great post!! cheers, Debi

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  4. I checked out some of your posts and they are all inspiring and lovely. I would only suggest that you add an about page to your blog where people can read who Sudershana is.That makes it all a bit more personal. But I congratulate you to your start and wish you a lot of joyful moments with your blogging experience. 💖

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  5. This post is awesome! I love that happiness reminds you of the sun because it reminds me as well. This is great insight. If you have a moment please check out my blog because I think we have similar styles. whentoday.com


  6. For me, happiness is riding down a perfectly flat blacktop road on my bicycle, the wind pouring through the slots on my helmet, the sound of nothing mechanical except my cogs, and a not too hot sun beating down on me.


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