Life itself , a great teacher

Every moment whether it is a second or a minute we all get to learn something new directly or indirectly . Sometimes from our mistakes  and sometimes from our own success . 

I personally believe that the best lessons we get is from our own mistakes but sadly we are afraid of them , everytime Before doing anything the question that  immediately strike our mind ;May be not we have to face the failure or we may not get unsucessful . May Almighty bless everyone but if it  happens to anybody I want to know whats the harm ? It hurts you at that time but that will become one of the  greatest lessons of your life . 

This is an important lesson to remember when you have a bad day , a month , or a year. Things will change you won’t feel this way forever, and anyways , sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the ones your soul needs the most. 

 I take all of my life lessons , which some people might call mistakes’ and apply to my future so that I keep growing. 

The first day I  wrote here , I knew i was not perfect , may be i had done lots of mistakes too and truly many people advices me  but that was not my failure , that was my success,  as experienced people like you are their to guide me , advice me and nobody is perfect atleast not me , then ;why to afraid to do mistakes  ? Actually they are the way to success. 

So feel free to do mistakes , do as many as you want but the important thing is that please do learn something from them everytime ! 

24 thoughts on “Life itself , a great teacher

  1. i like this! everything can, be viewed as something to be learned from. we can, glean something of value from everything. even the bad. the ugly. those ‘oops’ mistakes – yes, can help us, learn. with a willing attitude. I love the Eastern way of seeing Beauty, the Wabi Sabi way. ie seeing beauty in the imperfect, the impermanent, and the unfinished. it is very, un Western though to think like that!! call me, a rebel. LOL

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  2. Absolutely agree with you, Purva. The way to success is to see everything as a stepping stone!
    And, I am enjoying watching you step your way to greater and greater success with every article you write. Well done to you. 🙂

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  3. Mistakes are stepping stones for success.
    But make sure what success can give you and what it can’t fulfill.

    You write on very important issues of life.

    Great going.


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