I was filled with joy the time I saw notification regarding receiving 200 follows yesterday. Thank you very very much to all those who have contributed in this success and made this possible.Thank you, not only who follows to all those also,  who read my posts, flatter so much love through likes and comments. 

I started blogging without any huge perspective truly just for fun, but within a month only,  it has become my world. It introduces me to such an amazing and wonderful community,  not only from my native land but also across the globe. 

And yes, I completely agree that may be my blog is not perfect after all I started blogging last month only. There are many things that still I need to learn. 

Hope you guys keep giving your love the way you do. 

Thank you once again! 



51 thoughts on “200!

    1. I think you had commented about sharing feedback as to if there is something to change or excel upon and that comments not present now.
      Let me tell you, you are doing a wonderful job. Just go with the flow and don’t push yourself a lot to do. Everything will come by itself. Just keep doing what you do. 😊
      God bless.

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      1. 😂 😂 Even though I am a mechanical one, I have a lot of interest in mobiles and related things so I am like always on the forefront of having knowledge about them.
        We engineers aren’t that bad Han. Haha

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  1. Congrats! I’m really glad to meet such a great person like you here 🙂
    Thanks for always liking my posts ❤
    I love your blog sooo much (forget for a minute that i hardly come here coz whenever i come, i get mad!)

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