Writing – Not any job

“Writing is not any job that I am opting, its what I want to do throughout my life. Whenever I wrote words on a paper;they are not only the words I wrote, its my heart that I penned down by few drops of ink. Your profession reflects your personality, very true. My words not only reflect my personality or me but also my very life. May be I don’t own any unique style of writing but for me style is right words and the rest matters little. I don’t want to write a book that suppose to be a mirror but always wanted to write a book that suppose to be a door. I want to inspire people. I want someone look at me and say, ‘Because of you, I didn’t give up’, “she ended. 

” If a nation loses its storyteller, it loses its childhood, is’nt it? “, he laughed. 

  • P. S. – A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your words, ideas and thoughts in the comment section. 


93 thoughts on “Writing – Not any job

  1. You can tell that writing really is your passion. I make sure to read your posts every chance I get, even if I don’t comment. You’re one of my inspirations and I appreciate your support. 💗🌹

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  2. Whenever my friends ask me that Harsh do you really want to chose the career of full time writing and the first line of this post is the answer that I give to them!!!!
    This is so relatable… and awesome!!!

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      1. How will this possible, that I won’t invite you. You are so adorable, you even don’t need any invitation. You are welcome anytime. And the best thing will be happen when both of us books will be their in top bookstore, what say?

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  3. If you keep of writing like this, believe me you are gonna achieve what you want. I just felt that maybe writing had chosen you and it is not the other way.
    Passion to write and express what is in our heart is actually a uneasiness which rises in our heart and mind simultaneously and then calm down once when the entire thing is penned at last.
    Greta post.

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      1. This is all because of the company of great writers like you. Thank you. I am not getting it why all your comments go in spam folder that’s why I check it everytime 💓💓💋💋

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  4. Writing is the most interesting profession in life and your post is quite brilliant and amazing.
    You should write more of this stuff. Please visit My Theory and read the exclusively new theory of human relativity if you like to read.
    From your follower My Theory.

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  5. Writing is not any job.. beautifully depicted ! You are an amazing writer. Keep writing, u will definitely achieve what u want..I am sure some day I will be reading your book too besides your blog !

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    1. Haha, that’s so kind of you to say such great words. Even your words and appreciation take me to the sky. Thank “you”. And yes, along with me so many of you are waiting for the D-day. Hope god will scatter his love and blessings!

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  6. Wow, I really love your words, your attitude – so true! I just discovered writing again for myself and it is so amazing! It frees the mind and soul ❤ love, Angela


  7. I loved – I don’t want to write a book that suppose to be a mirror but always wanted to write a book that suppose to be a door. ❤
    To thing this way reflects the person's kind personality.
    It was short and deep enough to make me think over. 🙂

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  8. Hey Purva !! nice to meet you .

    For me writing is my habit,if I get away from it I feel I have lost something very precious.

    I had been through your writings and they are awesome.Have a great time !!


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