The Challenge of Change #GetFitWithFlipkart #SmartHomeRevolution

The early morning sun was already risen up. I could feel the wintry cold mist upon my skin.

I bolted down the garden path once again. Each two of my strides were worth at least one of Reyansh who was up to beat my record like his regular routine.

Just the slightest of my effort, I outran him barely breaking a sweat and panting the least. I leaned against the end wall of the garden waiting for him.

“You have cheated again.”, he whined like every day.

” Oh! Yes. And what makes you think that?”, I chuckled while making my way out of the garden.

“You have taken the shorter path, you know.”, he said.

It’s not like we were thirteen, to fight over such small matters. But this is what helps us to keep our childhood memories alive.

This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can.

” So, as you have accepted your defeat, as per the deal concert tickets will be on the loser.”, he said while opening his sipper.

That’s when my his wrist caught my vision and then my eyes automatically moved towards mine.

“No hurry! Let’s decide it with the proof.”, I replied politely.

” As if you are going to measure our steps or running speed”, he joked.

“Actually yes! We can measure our steps and running speed right away. Then we will decide concert tickets upon whom?”, I said while tapping my fingers on the fitness band we both were wearing.

It was so fun to know how this fitness band works as a tracker which continuously sense the movement of the body on a 3 axis accelerometer.

” Buddy maybe it skips recording my few steps.”, he told in the most childish manner.

“Like really? Only you had told me while gifting it that the data keeps on recording all the time we wore it. It traces if we are walking forward, running fast or even standing still.”, I completed while taking the last turn towards our apartment.

” Okay! Okay! Tickets are on me”, he laughed.

I was about to take strides to my apartment door when he hugged me all of a sudden, “Buddy! All the best for your day. Give me the good news soon or direct invitation will also work.”

I shrugged my head to his comment and thanked him.

As I entered my apartment, I saw a floor to ceiling window which faced the main road.

It was open, the stirring air was waking up the stillness with jingles of wall hanging making the curtains of window dance.

The aroma of coffee and toast was seeping up into the air making my legs automatically move towards the kitchen.

The scene was exquisite, mom was pouring the coffee in a mug, and next what she said made me smile.

“Hey, Alexa! What’s the news?”, then she placed her raw vegetables to chop and settled down on the huge mahogany table which took up most of the vast space the room offered.

I still remember how mom usually misses her morning headline show due to household work. But now, I guess it’s not the case anymore.

As I turned my left and saw Amazon Echo placed on the side table, making me all grin.

” So what were you staring at?”, a voice and sharp pinch on my ear help me to get out of the reverie of my thoughts.

“Huh! Listening news just like you.”, I laughed.

” Very funny! Do you remember what’s the date today? Go, get ready before she left waiting for you?”, she smirked.

Of course yes! How was I even allowed to forget about that? Even my face had attracted all the heating molecules making my face a replica of tomatoes placed few square feet away.

“Hey, Alexa! Vivian is blushing.”, she chuckled and I started thinking that there was some other person besides two of us.

” You & Alexa are giving me the feels of your team with Meera.”, I started rambling while reminiscing our old days.

“Somebody is missing his little sister, isn’t it?”, she asked while crossing her arms.

” of course yes. Who told her to join the college in Canada, isn’t she get admission in India?”, I said disappointedly.

“Stop whining. She will be with you today.”, mom paused while dragging me to my room, and then she continued, ” But go and get ready first.”

After 30 minutes

I rolled up the sleeves of my dress shirt nervously and wore my watch.

I turned towards dressing table last time, there I saw a man fully dressed up in a formal suit, with his hairs perfectly gelled up.

Those perfectly set hairs made me remember my little doll, Meera. I wish she would have been here on my special day.

At 4:00 p.m.

“Mom already half of the day went down, you haven’t allowed me to go to the office and you are busy watching this Turkish drama.”, I complained while shutting down my laptop.

“Shut up! Stop working and learn some romantic tricks from him.”, she said while showing pointing towards television.

” When did Turkish programmes start telecasting”, I frustratedly asked.

“Nope. Honey! This is my LED Smart television unlike you. That means watch what you want when you want.”, she explained while switching off it.

” Now come here, I have something for you.”, she blinked innocently.

The next moment she took out her cell phone making me all confused.

And then 1,2,3….Why did I hadn’t even thought about that?

A freaking Video Call and I blinked twice comprehending what exactly mom has done for me. There she was, my little cutie, in front of me.

“Hey, Bhai! How are you? Are all preparations done for today?”, she asked.

It was then my eyes were all welled up with tears & proud. Proud of how mom has changed with time.

” Isn’t it magic?”, mom laughed making me all dumbfounded.

“It’s magic only if you know how it’s done.”, I said.

“It’s my Smartphone, just a second and my munchkins are together again.”, she pulled my cheeks.

” Hey! I am still here.”, Meera screamed.

After a few minutes

“What is this sound coming of”, I asked mom.

” Don’t worry. You should check the preparations once again. Dare you if she doesn’t feel special.”, mom threatened me while moving outside.

The time we get out of the house, the police officer was standing outside of our neighbors with every epitome of his authority.

“Somebody tried to trespass, I agree. But my files are very important pls do something inspector.”, Mr. Roy said.

“Mr. Roy. Someone who knows you well, who has your keys is the culprit. Don’t worry. We will find out.”, officer replied.

As I rolled my eyes upward, something caught my attention. I signed my finger upwards towards our entrance door.

” Camera?”, Officer questioned.

“Not just a camera but a wireless smart security camera. When we are connected to it, a triggered motion detector makes the camera move in the direction of infrared heat and capture the images of whoever entered.”, I explained.

” But Vivian at night corridor lights are often off.”, Mr. Roy said in a slow tone.

“No worries. It is equipped with night version capability. It can transmit images even in darkened condition. “, I assured him.

After a few minutes, we tend to move to our apartment.

I thought this is how today our survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.

The house in which we live demands that we should transform. Transform to make our lives better.

” Oh, Hero! Where? “, mom asked.

“Mo…”, before I complete she threw my car keys on my face and continue,” Get out now. Come with the best news we all are waiting for.”

At 6:30 p.m.

The sun cast its golden rays down upon the clouds, turning them orange.

I watched the sea, lost in the rhythmic percussion of waves on sand.

“Vivian?”, a gentle soft voice came from behind me just to make me turn me back.

There she was standing, her eyes were steady to the horizon, face aglow with the last orange rays before twilight becker the stars.

Her receding laughter sounded so comforting that I could hardly control myself from reaching out to her and asking her since the day I made her meet my family and I did.

” Wait. Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”, I stammered.

“Y-e-s.. I mean yes!”, she clearly said.

Just then I got two, or more pings. Might be a mom, she was more excited than me. I wanted to tell her right away.

But I can’t take out my phone right now. Oh! Yes. I laid my eyes on my watch and started texting.

” To whom you are texting”, Ria asked.

“Nobody, see there is no cell phone”, I immediately tool up my hand like surrendering to the police officer.

She came near me, making me gasp and smiled, ” You have worn the smartwatch that doesn’t mean you need to act smart.”

“Nope. I will not. You are smarter”, I remarked.

” So Mr. If you still want me at your side, buy me the same smartwatch you are wearing”, she gave me an evil grin.

“Okay! I will. “, I said while taking her in a tight hug.

” Now.”, she tightened her lips stopping herself to laugh.

“How darling?”, I asked innocently.

Her hands started tracing my sides and rounded around my neck.

Then she whispered, ” Be my smart man, take out your smartphone, log in to Flipkart, the home of all smart products. That’s how it’s done.”

Today I have realized, the technology is something that has promised us, each one of us electronically connected, no matter where we are.

~The End~

P.S.: How are you cuties? A very long time, isn’t it? But thanks to Indibloggers , got a chance to be back to each one of you.

I was missing you, first of all A very happy 2k19, may god bless you with everything you desire.

This is my competition entry for #GetFitWithFlipkart #SmartHomeRevolution

Would love to hear back from you all.

Purva Narang

(Your Writer)

26 responses to “The Challenge of Change #GetFitWithFlipkart #SmartHomeRevolution”

      • Of course why will I not remember you Purva. I am so happy to be in touch with you again. Keep posting your lovely posts and will be eagerly waiting too. A great year ahead. I am good. My daughter delivered a grandson in the month of Oct and I have become a grandma and it is a pleasure to be with the little bundle of joy. Have a wonderful day dear.

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      • Very sorry for this very late reply. You’ve shared wonderful news here. So you are proud grandmom now, give my love to the little angel and lots of hugs too.
        Have a very wonderful day ahead. And stay connected! ❤

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