A turn afterwards

“We left & come back, the only thing that remains the same is memories & love.”

-©Purva Narang

A few years back, when I had started this blog, it was a sudden decision. A sudden yet very beautiful one.

It has been two years or even more. In between, I’ve done so many things. I started writing at wattpad, an intern in a France based company and signed a book at Dreame, an online writing platform.

But still, the only thing I miss each day is my blog, THE DAILY STROLL. I had started writing & seen the dream of being a writer at this place.

“The worst part is that this is where I got everything; guidance, love, many friends, my first appreciation & the first thing I left is the very same place.”

Honestly, I think to come here regularly, but I usually found something else or never got the strength for the same.

“Starting all over again is very difficult but a little strength can eventually turn the cards.”

-©Purva Narang

A well-drafted post or not, exams or not, but I will write here anything or everything every day.

I have neither forgotten any of you nor I am willing to do in the future.

You can also connect with me

Instagram: @the_strolling_ideas

Twitter: @narang_purva

Till the next time

Purva Narang

(Your Writer)

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