His Fatal Obsession – Exclusively at Fictum

She was desperate to save her life. At the same time, he was fascinated to kill them that night.
He planned it all but he forgot life strides on unplanned moves.
The moves couldn’t be controlled just like how love knocks.
But it never comes alone, sometimes friendships, other times possessiveness but what if it ended up in his fatal obsession?
This is the story of Agasthya Wilson and Eva Stewart, the two individuals with a broken past, a messed-up present & who know their future?

To witness the tale of love & addiction, tune in for the latest updates of “His Fatal Obsession” at Fictum.

Link: https://www.fictum.org/page/share/?book_id=6964634158458997761

It’s a free ongoing book.

Will love to get your feedback
Thanks & Regards
Purva Narang
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