I wish… 

When things,  not happen according to our predictions. In not more than a minute, we start blaming our fate, devine and many more endless things. I think thats easy to play that blame game and most probably we don’t like easy tasks to play and enjoyment lies in catching hard things, a sign of an adventurous mind, haha. 

Oh! It was a “Dance Competition” in college premises. It was a last round, I had almost started congratulating myself but then a wrong step in excitement and we lost. Rather than being sad, surprisingly I was the same that I was few minutes before because after all winner is only one and whosoever it matters but now what should be done but truly, I felt little bad at the time of declaration but then everything is fine. Everyday may not be ours but surely every moment is. And I have enjoyed every moment or I say I lived up every moment. I wish I could blame it on the choreography, but it’s musical. I just had a clumsy moment, haha. 

  • P. S. -How even the daily prompt -clumsy also suits the suitation. Everything is relating to one another or I am relating. 



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