Cherry Start of an another Chapter

Where to start? How to start? Eventually these were the questions I had in my mind when I was thinking to be back at my place, to my people. 

So long yes, it is. Sometimes we fail to handle everything together. Studies, blogging, exams and much more. Since life is the best and a great teacher itself. Sooner or later it taught us in its own way either it is sweeter or sour; its upon it. 

The greatest thing I have learnt is; in between treasuring the things we don’t have, we tend to lose the precious jewels we are holding with us. 

Let’s leave that for once. So we have entered in a new aura of our life probably the one which is untouched by all the miseries, mischiefs ofcourse more with love and efforts.

Hope we all share the same or I would say a more closer and beautiful bond from now. Because I am not going to leave you all for a single day. 

Happy New Year 2k18

Purva Narang 

(Your writer)

Those words

“In the journey of life, we come across many people. How beautifully the devine has scripted their entrance and exit in our lives. Many will come but few will stay forever. We may value the presence of many but few will value our presence. We may love many but few will love us back. Presence of many may complete our beautiful world but only the world of few is completed by us. Don’t let them go, hold them forever. Its easy to be in love but its harder to be loved. When you love someone don’t wait for the perfect moment just make the moment perfect for them, this is what my first book is all about”, he beautifully ended. 

Those words in his ‘First Book launch’ not only touch the hearts of the readers but also their souls. 

  • P. S. -A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. 


I Choose Me

“To go with my dreams was never my choice but was always my priority. It was not a decision between you and my dreams,it was a decision between’ME’ and ‘US’.You,your choices were always counted in ‘Ours’ but unfortunately my choices were always ‘Mine’ only,when it started fading away the presence and choices of an individual its a relationship changing into compromise, sadly its not worthy”, she said. 

” Whatever you choose, whatever you do, that doesn’t mean you are independent “, he smircked. 

” The day I choose to live for me,for my dreams was enough to show the way to my independence “, she ended. 

  • P. S. -A fiction,hope you have enjoyed. 


Why Not Me?

IMG_20161018_182606_904.JPG“I always loved you more than anyone else. I always wanted to share everything with you. I always wanted to hear those words of admiration, encouragement and appreciation that you share with your son. I always wanted to share that father-daughter special bond with you. But your love and care is always for your son, why not for me? You have always shared your words, why not with me? You have always make him laugh, why not me? You always have time to share, why not for me? You have always show your hatred, why only to me? “, a daughter with tears in her eyes.

“To do this you were waiting for your dad, is this a way to talk to him? “, a mother thundered.

“I am still waiting mom, I am waiting since last 16 yrs, he has’nt arrived”,a daughter replied.



My First Dance Performance-2

Wait was finally over, it was the evening. Everything was finally settled, outfits were designed beautifully and fitted perfectly. Now the stage call for all the participating group was started being done. By the time, the seed of nervousness was grown more than the plant of excitement but still there was the same never going smile on the face. After the introduction to the respected jury members now its the turn for the introduction of chief dance group guest that was much expected the winner group of last two years ALLES. The group head was requested to encourage participants with his few words, his words were spell bounding but which I still remember exactly the same are”Don’t dance to win any trophy, don’t dance to win any prize just dance to win hearts”. It was like my heart had already started dancing on the rythm of his words, haha. 

In the number of 15, our turn to perform was 5th.After meeting fellow participants I was like, How would I? That was normal feeling that every winner go through before performing, haha. Winner in terms of those who have courage to walk upon  his or her fears, and of course, the winner of the night. The time performance was closer and my heart started beating much more faster than normal, the act of swinging the right leg in one direction was the typical sign that I was nervous not only me many were also going through the same. But yes I am highly obliged to my partner with being an amazing dancer,  he also proofs himself to be a good friend also which he need not to prove. He had’nt left for a second till the performance. Now it was our turn to bang on but like everytime we don’t invite problems, but they are the one who never leave us alone, haha. We had’nt realize that 5th pair was missing, with the 2nd annoucement we decided to move towards the green stage where we requested them to wait for few minutes, they agreed but at the price of marks, which we had to pay. After repeated calls finally they both arrived but we had’nt found that time suitable to ask them where they actually were? We thanked god, and started moving towards stage. At the time of keeping that first step it was like my heart was just about to leave behind the highest scale of its rythm but hopefully I was not sweating like others which had’nt ruin my make up, haha. Once I had started tangling my legs for the steps, it was just I was unaware of the judges, neither worried about marks nor anyone else. It was ME alone, my heart was flaunting with the great feeling, no words can define that. Those 8 min were enough to fill the moments of those last 2yrs. I was flying in the air and then after all the performances we secured 2nd position not because there was something wrong in our performance but for the reduction of those waiting marks. But we were happy. One of the best moment it was! 

  • P. S. -I will soon share video as well as pictures, as for some reasons it is not with me right now. Hope you guys have enjoyed it. 


My First Dance Performance-1

Though my first performance was at the age of 5,but here I am sharing my first dance performance at college.It was very special, special in a way, it was an encounter to dance after almost 2-3yrs.As in last two yrs of school everything from co-curricular to hobbies everything was astonished or lost somewhere.Let’s come back to this, after selection in the drama community of university,I had also got a chance to perform in the dance group(I am not a member of dance community).I was more than happy.To the day of performance,the drive was interesting and full of fun.It was an Inter-College Group Dance Competition.We had 5 pairs in a group and practice is scheduled after classes.Practice sessions are the best,everytime the choreography was at it’s level best and you neither get bored nor tired for the things you enjoy doing.I started seeing dance making as a way to reflect the times which we live.With the practise, there was much too work upon like costumes, presentation everything which was managed very perfectly. After 25 days of busy work,it was ‘the day’, the next evening when we had to perform and the first performance at college….

To Be Continued.. 

  • P.S.-Hope you guys have enjoyed.



There are many characters in the story of our life where some have their roles permanent and some entries are just temporary. Beside these two, there are few roles that only remember you at the time of their needs, no issues after all this is human nature, haha. Sometimes it may hurt you but rather than being sad we must feel previleged that our existence in their life are just like a candle that they always need to lit up at the time of darkness in their lives. An only different outlook is required that even their this nature makes your presence heroic in your eyes, as only hero can be remember at the time of crises.It is just a hide and seek game, where happiness and peace is hide in every corner only sharp eyes and mind is required to seek it. 

  • P. S – Today’s Daily prompt-candle


I wish… 

When things,  not happen according to our predictions. In not more than a minute, we start blaming our fate, devine and many more endless things. I think thats easy to play that blame game and most probably we don’t like easy tasks to play and enjoyment lies in catching hard things, a sign of an adventurous mind, haha. 

Oh! It was a “Dance Competition” in college premises. It was a last round, I had almost started congratulating myself but then a wrong step in excitement and we lost. Rather than being sad, surprisingly I was the same that I was few minutes before because after all winner is only one and whosoever it matters but now what should be done but truly, I felt little bad at the time of declaration but then everything is fine. Everyday may not be ours but surely every moment is. And I have enjoyed every moment or I say I lived up every moment. I wish I could blame it on the choreography, but it’s musical. I just had a clumsy moment, haha. 

  • P. S. -How even the daily prompt -clumsy also suits the suitation. Everything is relating to one another or I am relating. 


I Just Did

“I used to think,life always plays an unfair game at my part.But I was wrong.It was always generous to me.It has blessed me with you,the love of my life.Neither any word nor any person, not even me is enough to define the story of our love.I was neither a loveaholic nor a great lover, I was a person who used to find logic in numbers not words.But you know what love is illogical.It make us to do things we never thought of.My love for you is not like a rainbow whose beautiful colour fades away with the sunlight.But my love for you is just like that old wine who develop it tastes with the flowing time.You have given the lyrics to the song of my life.Thank you,you have told me what a beautiful feeling love actually is.With you I am everything,without you I am nothing”,he ended.

“You write so beautifully,why don’t you show it to the world”, she asked.

“I just did.”,he replied.



We usually think life is all about a second chance.We made mistakes but sometimes forget to learn from them.As a result, mistakes become our friend and regression our companion.Mistakes make us realize what we had, what is no longer with us, what we have taken for granted.Sometimes there are no next time, no timeouts, no second chances but life is all about to learn, learn from others, learn from own mistakes, learn from old experiences.Its always a work in progress.As long as we are alive, we have every chance to correct our mistakes.