Be Happy

Life is nothing more than finding joy in every step. I know everytime this may not be possible but atleast we can try, TRY TRY UNTIL WE SUCCEED. Just like to balance the dish we have to put salt and sugar according to our taste, the same is relevant for the dish of life, to balance it there are happy as well as sad moments. At last, its not the years that count in life, its the life that count in years. The greatest part of our misery or unhappiness is not determined by our circumstances but by our disposition. 

Be happy always,  so that even in the hard time the saddest moment get complex and leave you soon with the happiest time behind. 

Keep smiling

Regards~ Purva 💕


72 thoughts on “Be Happy

    1. Thank you very much for sharing such lovely words. Sudershana was the name given by my grandfather as he feels to call me. And my father wants I would be known and called by the name “Purva”. That’s it. 😃💋

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  1. So intelligent. So full of supply and sustenance. Wise beyond your years. Small wonder why you have a following.
    Gowan (go on) happy girl.
    The gowan is dialectic.

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