Missed my folk, let’s chat for a while!!( WEEKEND PLAN)

Hey! How are you, lovely people? Hope you are doing extremely well and about ME, it was such a tiring month back EXAMS and we all know they never come alone stress is its favorite companion is’nt it? But then also All is well when the end is well. Above all I missed being here, hope  you all have MISSED ME  too, do you? 

So its Weekend time  and there must be plans too, so what are your plans? Let’s interact for a while,  what say?


chit-chat ☕ #April (Dreams, do we actually have a strength to fulfill?)

Hello amazing people! How are you all? Me, I am doing pretty well, hope the same for you. So, its now been a while that we have actually talked. So I was having a thought or I would say a question that I can’t resist myself from sharing dreams, do we actually have a strength to fulfill or seeing a dream and we are done at our parts? What else it requires?  Dreams are they actually exist? And so many more. Having questions means your brain is thinking about that so I was.

So, this is it. Hope we all can share what we actually think and have a healthy and beautiful conversation about it. And you are also free to share whatever you desire.

So waiting for your thoughts, ideas and words.


Chit-chat☕#February (Valentine, oh yes!)

Hello deary people! How are you all? Hope you are doing very well,so as I am. So, it’s feburary, everybody is flaunting with the wave of love. It’s the magic ✨ of this month,haha. 
So let’s talk something about valentine plans, about your partners, and most important what actually your ideas are about this.

Excited! Of course I am. What about you? 

You are welcome to share your ideas,plans and thoughts in the comment section. 

Chit-Chat ☕# Jan(New Year Resolution)

Hey wonderful people! Hope you all are doing very well. And yes, a very Happy New year to you all,hope you are off to a great start.

Its new year time so we surely have some new year resolutions, which we forget very soon,haha. But we make. So this year,my resolution is to complete the draft of my first manuscript and hopefully get it publish. And secondly to be on time which is next to impossible but I will try my level best, haha. 

So what is your new year resolution? And what are your plans of this year(2k17). Let’s talk about them all. You are cordially invited to share your ideas, thoughts and words in comment section. 


Chit-Chat ☕#December

Hello deary people! How are you?  Hope you all are doing very well. So here I am with this month Chit-Chat Session. 

I am Purva, 19 yr university going girl pursuing English Literature as I already told you in last session. I love to read, write, music and ofcourse dance. And also to talk with the amazing people like you all. Oh! It’s enough of me, what about you? Tell something. Nothing compares to a beautiful conversation with a beautiful mind. 

Let’s start…. You are welcome, come and join me. 


Chit-Chat☕ #November

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing very well. The secret of getting ahead is getting started so as we. Don’t you think blogging must be friendly? So, I thought no other way is better to create that friendly gesture. 

So here we start, I am Purva, 19 yr university going girl pursuing English literature, 2nd yr. So, now with the introduction I welcome you wonderful guys for this amazing session.