Is that feeling really exist?#fiction

“In that never ending race, between the most beautiful phase, among those career oriented people with my money minded taste. I used to wonder is this actually exist; I mean that feeling where the absence of a person equally matters the way their presence, where the fear of losing each other terrifies the most, where we actually win after losing ourselves in front of each other I wonder…Then I came across  people who find the site of moon more soothing than any expensive expenditure. Then the existence of poetries making sense to me. Then I realize roses and letters are still irreplacable by any branded dress and watch.  Then I realize that this is the reason that you are still waiting for me, miss me then….”,her words swallowed in her teary voice seeing him after those long 5years.

“Just because you can’t see something that doesn’t mean it don’t exist. For me love is not which starts with ‘I’ and ends at ‘you’ . Love is something which starts at ‘you’ and end at ‘us’. It won’t be a lie if I say that I waited for you everyday, I missed you every second but we can’t cage a bird we love, so I let you go. That day you said “love can wait but time won’t” see I am still waiting. Always remember someday we’ll find what we want; may be or may not be and may be we find something more greater but we hardly finds a person who love us back the way we want”, he said while moving towards her.

You always gave and still giving me the feeling people write books about”,she said while smiling.

Look closely, you’ll find your name scattered in every chapter of my book please make sure you are there when my book ends”, he grinned.

  • P.S.- A fiction, hope you enjoyed reading this. You are free to share your words in comment box. Hey! It’s quite a time I am here hope it doesn’t make any difference.

– Purva Narang

Together forever, never apart

There is some profound beauty in every magical moment that we have waited to meet each other. I know it wasn’t easy but wasn’t impossible either. You know what; for me the joy of meeting again is much more than the pain of parting, may be this has made our relationship more beautiful.  I used to keep myself busy sometimes in assignments and the other time in those books but always end up surrounded by your thoughts, your idea of being in my life. Distance means nothing when you are my everything. When the sun goes down, the stars come out. I used to look up and think of you and wish that someday I could see their light reflecting in your eyes and that day the brightness of our love will only be the reason of their shine, see how bright they are shining today?,” he said while looking those stars in that dark sky.

” Exactly the way you are smiling and even more brighter. We might be parted by distance but always connected by hearts. See how fortunate we are, other needs an hour or twoa to meet each other but it only takes a sec for us to meet in our every thought. Whenever you feel lost just place your hand on your heart and listen to the wind carefully you will always able to hear me and with every beat you will able to feel my love and that time you find me by your side,” she smiled.

They yelled together:

‘Together forever, never apart sometimes in distance but never in heart’.

  • P.S.- A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your words,thoughts and ideas in the comment section. 


Unsaid Words…

“Undoubtedly, these two years of Business School have filled my life with the most vibrant colors. I always wanted to be here to chase my dreams but I don’t know when this carreer oriented dreamer started dreaming of you. It’s the farewell probably the last day that I got to see you, from tomorrow I will be miles away from you, in another nation. Today I might have achieved the dream job of my life but sadly its my life that’s not with me; that’s you. May be because I have never asked my life to hold my hands in the crowd, to listen my words when I shout, to embrace me when I make proud, may be because… so many words I always wanted to say but never found those ways. I adore every second, every minute and every hour that I spent in being even with your idea. In the way to find a partner in you, I don’t want to lose that friend too so I have never said. I always loved your smile but wanted to be that reason, I always loved your eyes but wanted them to capture me in every season,  simply I always loved you that too without any reason”, he wrote while leaving for the airport and handed over her.

 I wish you might be here while I read this, but you are not. I wish I might have said but that mutual feeling to lose never let the two of us to say. I couldn’t have explained you how it feels to look up across and see you standing at my side. It’s like I want you to look at me every time but I turn my head whenever you do. I promise I will keep this piece of my heart that makes me smile whenever I think about you. “, she wrote on the other side of the same paper. 

  • P.S. – A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your words, ideas and thoughts in the comment section. 

Its not because there was no love,its because there were no words that never let their story happen. 


Someday we will realize…

“Sometimes we don’t find words to express the presence of someone in our life that we always wanted to have. Words often fall short whenever I want to tell you how special you are to me, but all I can say is that even your slightest thought brings that never ending smile on my face. Whether  it is a fate or destiny I don’t know but it is surely the most beautiful blessing that devine has blessed me with. Whenever you are talking to me or humming any song or reading a book or laughing or anything else there is something about you in that moment that makes me think, I just really love you more and more every next time whenever I find you at my side and that’s it”,he said.

Sometimes it doesn’t require to count the words to feel this beautiful gesture and someday we will realize that the deepest meaning of  life lies in the shortest line we have ever heard”, she replied.

That’s what I have said, I just really love you and will always”, he grinned.

  • P.S.- Fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are free to share your words, ideas and thoughts in the comment section. 


Our Story… 

“How beautiful a relationship seems, when two of them behave like lovers and talk like best friends so as we. It would take less than a minute for me to drown in the beauty of your eyes, deepness of your words and in your mesmerizing smile. I still can’t believe it was the same reunion day two years back, the dare that day change into the biggest truth that I wanted to tell each and every person every second. You are the best thing happened to me next to my mom and dad”, he said. 

” It’s not only the beautiful relationship we two share, its the beautiful story that is being written by the ink of our love”, she replied. 

“In this world of beautiful stories, you are my favorite fairy tale”, he smiled. 

  • P. S. -A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your words, ideas and thoughts in the comment section. 


Your fictions-my truth      #snippet 

“I always choose to write fictions over reality may be because it takes me to the another world, the world of my own imagination where I love to stroll  every time. I know, as a writer I usually weave beautiful lies . Yes,it is the lie through which I tell the truth to the world. Yes, I created a lie,  of that vibrant love that has almost changes everyone’s life. But  because you believed it, you surely found something true about yourselves, isn’t it? “, she asked.

Yes, I have really found. The fiction of love and promises that I have mistakenly believed, your beautifully woven lie takes away the only truth of my life. Rather than finding I have already lose myself, I sighed. “,he replied.

  • P.S. – A fiction,  hope you have enjoyed.  You are welcome to share your ideas,thoughts and words in the comment section.


The magic of those 3 words

“From early teens to the ripe agers,everyone is busy falling in love. And the matter of astonishment is that they started feeling the same for the next person exactly the way they do for the previous one. I mean, how? The special bonds have turned into pass time. It’s nothing more but it has started fading away the beauty of love, it has started snatching away the magic of those 3 words and it has started taking away that belief, that idea of love from ones life the way it has taken from mine. I mean,  how do I believe the one even his feelings are genuine, I cannot”,she said to her best friend. 
“Indeed,you are right in every aspect. But nobody can ever take away the charm of this eternal feeling. Nothing can ever become real till it is experienced so as with you. Mark my words, when you meet the one who changes the way your heart beat,dance with him to that rhythm for as long as the song lasts”, she grinned.

  • P.S. – what do you think, is the magic  of these 3 words have been fading away these days? A fiction,hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section.


In less than 30 words

” There are so many things that I might have asked you as my birthday present but neither any accessories nor any clothes or gadgets I find to ask you for. I always wanted a priceless gift but sadly all these things have a price and can be bought by anyone, so what’s special in that. So,after thinking endlessly finally I have found something that no one can present me accept you and that is your priceless words. I want that you can write about me in less than 30 words”,she smiled.

“But how can I write about you in less than 30 words”,he asked.

Why not..?

As you have given me those memories, that promise of love, that gift of our togetherness that will probably last forever”,he grinned.

  • P.S.-  So, can you write something about your loved ones in less than 30 words? A fiction, hope you have enjoyed and you are welcome to share your words,ideas and thoughts in the comment section. 


Her Day.. 

From her birthday cake to her special gift, from the venue to the invitation, from her dress to the tiara. They were taking care of each and everything. Everything was being done so perfectly, as it was just not only her special day it was their too. They try to illuminate her path with the brightest joy. Her friends took five weeks to plan her birthday. But those special three words from that special person (love of her life) took away all the thunder of their planing and attention of the day. 

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The shine of my dark

Time is known to be the best healer and a destroyer at the same time. I never had an idea that things will change this much between us, love change the lives of two,  so very true. It has changed the lives of two best friends; you and me. Friendship is much  simple than this complicated feeling of love. I wish, I could tell you how much I miss you. I wish, I could tell you how much I miss those outings, those silly jokes, everything. I wish I could tell you, I talk to the moon, I whisper to the stars, only about you the shine of my dark. 

  • P. S. – A musing, hope you have enjoyed.